This site allows you to download signed copies of the official Bitmessage client.

Bitmessage.exe is updated every full hour.

Click to download Version 0.6.1

Visual difference between signed and unsigned in Windows:

Unsigned Signed
Unsigned Unsigned
  • Red shield and warning about missing signature
  • Unknown publisher
  • No verification of sucessful download
  • file could be changed or is corrupt
  • Yellow shield with general warning about binary files
  • Published name clickable, shows certificate informations
  • Verified file download (signature is valid)
  • Clicking on the path opens website

Issue with unsigned code

Manual signature check

  1. Download the client
  2. Open it and click on the publisher name, a new window opens
  3. Click on the "show certificate" button and go to "details"
  4. Verify the thumbprint equals b2 11 c3 4a 5f d6 85 e3 0e f5 4a a0 30 05 0b 0a 12 a3 72 56
  5. If you are still unsure, verify the serialnumber is 65 36 8e 97 7d 39 0a e6 bc b9 1c 82 fb 87 7a 9d